Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Caught my son

Grace and greetings.
I have asked my son not to play with the cell phone and camera, but he has other ideas. I told him that since he took the picture, I would put it on my web site. He did not believe me, for here it is.
Speaking of my son, today he is home, for the school district is already in the final week, and he does not have any finals in the classes scheduled for today. Then tomorrow, he will go back for half a day, and that will be it for the school year.
He is hoping to get into a summer school class out at the college, if all goes well, it should give him enough credits to get back on track to graduate next year. But there are many things that can happen in a year.
Hope all is well and warm where you are, it is snowing again here, but we have past the point for 24 sun light until mid-August.
Peace and blessings.

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