Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Frustrated Tuesday

Grace and greetings.

It started out like the last couple of days, felt too tired to get out of bed, kept resetting my alarm. Finally drag myself out of bed and shower. That was the good part.

I realize that life is what you make of it, how you choose to react, today I guess I choose to see the frustration rather than the bright parts of the day.

I started the day by calling our insurance company for our medical prescriptions. It seemed like an easy enough call, they had sent back my script because I was no longer under their insurance. Thus is the wonderment of Clergy Couples and insurance companies. Since my wife is also a Presbyterian Minister, she is covered under her policy, I as her depended (spouse), am also covered. I am also serving a congregation so I have my own policy, and as my dependent, she is covered under my policy too...so goes thought, logic and other hopes. I spent 45 minutes talking to a representative trying to explain that we are both covered, could they put a note in their system to that extent. It would seem that I was asking for her to move Mars out beyond Jupiter. By the time I was finished with the phone call, (but not the reason I had called for), I was so frustrated I just told her that I had to hang up before saying something that she was not responsible for in the first place.

I get to my office where I need to send off email reminders to my Session members for this evening's meeting, as well as other job related emails. No Internet service, all day. Grrrrr.

Get home in the afternoon, more frustrations surface within the home. Oh joy.

Then comes the Session meeting. (The governing body for the local Presbyterian Church). Most ministers I know, have a love/hate relationship with Session meetings. Even though there is an agenda set up, there is always time for a Session member blindside the minister for no other reason that they like to see the minister sweat. Tonight we tried to get our purposed budget for this coming year, (fiscal year is April though March), of course there is always one in every group that likes to question everything, especially if I had anything to do with it, or so it seemed.
The meeting goes an hour and half longer than it needed to, that is including the budget discussion. I finally get out of the meeting without wanting to strangle the person.

Then I come home to get something to eat and post this post. After the computer finally came up, the security scans kept coming up wanting to work before I do anything. Another thing to wait for...then logging on to blog space kept rejecting my login and password. Obviously, it finally allowed me on.

I know there is nothing that really was horrific to make the day that bad, but it just is one of those low energy days where I allowed it to affect me. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, were I will be officiating my 42 funeral since I arrived here last year. Until later...

Peace and blessings.

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