Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Trying to get back

Grace and greetings.

My physical and emotional low points are still keeping from working on this blog. It just seems that I do not have the mental capacity to say anything witty or worthwhile, (not that I have said anything witty or worthwhile anyway).

Now to answer the question most people ask, no it is not completely dark yet. The sun will be setting for the winter in a couple of weeks, then will re-appear again at the end of January. Winter has hit here, snow and cold blowing winds, with the temps around 20 degrees above zero Fahrenheit.

I am not sure that I had mentioned this before, but the addresses here run a little different than other places. Here, each building has it's own "house number", this includes the garages and sheds. Though the Church is 1268 Agvik St., we would only have to say 1268 for people to find it. ("Agvik" means Bowhead Whale) Of course it would helps to know which street houses are on, because like in other places, the numbers do not always follow the same pattern, 2500 may not be on the same street as 2700, nor just two streets away.

Well, I am late for another meeting, so I will sign off for now, just trying to get back into the swing of things...

Peace and blessings.