Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Remembering and Speaking out.

Grace and greetings.

I am not sure if you can read the comic strip, but I received it in an email this morning, asking to send on the message that we never forget. Quickly, the girl notices the number tattoo, the gentleman quickly tells her his story of the concentration camps. She asks if he keeps it to remind him; his answer: "no, to remind you!"

The reason I wanted to copy this and place it here in my blog is because for my wife Kim, this conversation, or one very like it, happened to her many years ago. When Kim's mother was in the hospital, her roomate was a survivor. Kim being an innocent little girl asked about the number tattoo, and the woman told Kim her story over the next couple of days. She no longer had any family left alive at that time, so she make Kim her "Legacy", Kim is the one to tell her story that we may never forget; that we may forever speak out. The woman died shortly afterward. Please continue to speak out at the crimes against humanity that continue throughout the world, in the name of God, nation, fighting terrorism or for whatever reason. Genocide must not happen again, and yet it does.

Getting down off my soap box now; I heard back from the person I was thinking of when I wrote an earlier blog about lost friends. Not only did the one person write me back, but two others did as well. Be sure to keep in contact with your friends, where ever they may be.

Peace and blessings.

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