Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Grace and greetings.

Have you ever had to wait for something to happen? Rhetorical question, right? Yeah, I know. A couple of years ago I signed up on the classmate web site. It was my hope to re-unite with certain people; of course, after I made contact with the individuals, we just as quickly have not written each other again. There are still others that I wish to get in contact with again. This afternoon, I came across a name that I have been waiting for since I signed up. So I contacted the person, now I get to wait to see if the person will respond.

Once I make contact again, will this relationship be like the others; a quick hi, how are you doing? Let's write again...knowing that the writing will be a long time in coming. Just like coming across a long lost friend on the street, with promises of keeping in touch, and reality comes crashing in; lives that were close thirty years ago, no longer have that much in common.

Well, I continue to hope; to up hold my anticipation that one day, I will keep the commitment to stay in touch, (outside of my blog, of course).

Peace and blessings

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