Tuesday, April 28, 2009

With Spring comes mud

Grace and greetings.

We have now had three days in a row that the temperature made it above the freezing mark. That means things are starting to melt. Sunday we had the first rain fall in six months. Grass on the side of our house makes its appearance for the first time in 2009.

Of course with Spring rains, comes the melting of the snow. With the melting of the snow, comes mud. This time of year, as in most other places that experience winter snows, is called break-up; as the snow and ice melt, the rivers start to break-up. Here, all our roads are dirt and gravel, (except in the winter, when it is ice and snow). With break-up, comes pot holes. Now of course we are not talking about your occasional pot hole here or there, we are talking about holes on every road. Some of the pot holes can be small enough to just be a quick bounce; where others will break axles. Most of the pot holes do not come in ones or twos, but in bunches. Some are like the small ruts that remind people of the rail road ties; others seem to be big enough to swallow whole cars.

This will be the general story for our roads for the next five to six months...pot holes, graders to try and level out the roads and water trucks to keep down the dust and dirt. All this fun until the next snow fall, to cover and fill in the pot holes with snow and ice again.

Peace and blessings.

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Patterson said...

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