Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I am Confused

Grace and greetings.

I am confused; this evening my 26 year old daughter called me up with her own frustration. A few years ago, my daughter joined the National Guard, then broke her hip while in training and received an honorable discharge. She has since come back from the broken hip, (including baring two children since then) and is back in shape. For the last several months, she has been waiting to sign on the bottom line with the US Army; she finally got the call to come in this afternoon and get her orders. As she sat there waiting, the recruiter came up to tell her that the US Army did not have any jobs for her. They gave her two reasons: she was a FEMALE with PRIOR SERVICE. They then turned around and signed up a male that was sitting there, granted, it was for the infantry, and women are still not "infantry." So basically they told her to go home and check back with them in a few months....

Right now, she is in too much shock to know what to think, or how to respond. Her first thoughts are to sue for discrimination. Her next thought was to check out a few of the other branches, maybe the Marines.

In the meantime, her youngest turned three today, so she had to be of good cheer for her children. I ask that you keep her in your thoughts and prayers...and if you have any suggestions for her and or me, please let me know.

Peace and blessings.

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