Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ash and Ice

Grace and greetings.

For many years I used to write poetry. I had two books worth of my poems, until we accidently left them in Pennsylvania when we moved to Seattle in December 2003. I am trying to start to write again. Last week there was a "Poetry Contest" held at the local library with the topic of "New Beginnings." The following is a poem that I entered:


Black is my night
Fierce is the wind in my heart
I am afraid.
The void in my soul
Will not heal

The Fire is dying
Embers of ash on ice
I implore the pitch
To cover me
As a blanket of endless sleep

The Embers fade
Lost for all time.
Fingers take hold
I do not resist

Not Death, but Life
Answers my cry
I witness hope
I meet joy
I experience life dancing

I observe the last ember
Lost in ash and ice
Brilliance blinds
The Phoenix rising

(c) D. Ian MacInnes-Green
22 March 2009
Peace and greetings.

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