Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunrise

Grace and greetings

Yesterday morning was my third Sunrise service here in Barrow. The first time in 2007, the air temp was -15; last year was -35; yesterday was only -10 but the wind chill was closer to -30.

The other services pictures were published in the Dyersville, Iowa newspaper, because one of our church members was a reporter, and would still be in contact with his home paper. Unfortunately, he and his wife moved the Wisconsin last summer after spending twenty some years here.

The weather was nice and clear in the morning, as you can see from the picture, but by the afternoon, the clouds moved in. With the three services on Easter, concluded a run of 14 services in fifteen days for me. My mind is still fried, particularly now.

The other picture is inside our sanctuary, with the cross and lillies. Yes, we get live plants up here, but they do not always last that long. Anyway, I hope everbody had a great Easter.

Peace and blessings


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Anonymous said...

Is Barrow on a reservation, are the Utqiagvik Inuit, is everyone there Presbyterian? I wished you liked it better there.What are those wooden barriers for, something about snow?Hope Kim's gums recover quickly.When Sam does graduate is he going to the community college there?How do you get groceries?No garbage collection?You could buy a truck,love Joy