Sunday, June 8, 2008

Walk for Healthy Communities

Grace and greetings.

Yesterday, we walked throughout Barrow and Browersville in protesting the drug and alcohol bootleggers causing so much pain and death in our communities.

The drug and alcohol issue is so bad here, that as a pastor in the community, I do not drink my occasional beer or wine in support of the people trying to bring a sense of wholeness in the communities. Too many people had died because of drug and alcohol related deaths, that it hits the families very hard. Of course, for some, this just brings on more drinking to get over the death of a family member who died due to overdoses or freezing to death outside because they were too drunk to get back inside.

Here is a picture of couple of our high school youth during the walk. The weather cooperated very nicely for the walk; as you can see it was clear and sunny. The day before the walk, (which was it was originally scheduled), was overcast, as it is today. Even though there was a steady breeze to keep the wind chill around 20 degrees, it was still a beautiful day to dress up warm and have a good walk. Even with the cool breeze, some of the people walked in shorts and tee shirts. I walked wearing a hooded sweat shirt, jacket, long pants, knit hat and gloves. That way, I know I was going to be nice and warm.

Last year, I guess only about twenty people showed up for the walk, but this year it was large enough to split up into two different groups of about thirty or so to walk the different parts of town. Each group finished up the walk in front of the AC store, (main grocery store in town) and then continued the walk to the beginning place for a barbecue and rest after the two mile walk, giver or take.
Of course, I am not sure how well you can see the poster in the middle of the picture. The caption reads, "Was that $100 worth his life?" He was the son of members of the church, when he died due to a drug related death.

I realize that most of the people can drink responsibly, but sometimes, in support of those who cannot, it is better not to drink alcohol at all.

Peace and blessings to all.

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