Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bouncing Barney

Grace and greetings.

This evening we were suppose to have a Bible Study, but nobody else showed up, so I am taking the time to give a quick comment.

The picture on the right is a playground down the street from our house. I am disappointed as to how the picture came out, I was hoping for a little better idea of the playground. There are several playgrounds throughout the greater Barrow area for kids to gather and play. They all have similar swings and slides; and I believe that they all have gravel instead of sand or grass to play on. A couple of times there will be a child running home because they scraped their knee or elbow.

What I wanted to write about is the spring creature in the middle of this picture. You can almost make it out, a Barney the Bouncing Purple Dinosaur between the two slides. During the fall and winter, the dinosaur would bounce back and forth, even when there was nobody around; it was as if the dinosaur had a life of its own.

Well, since I started writing, somebody did show up for the Bible Study, and was sitting out of sight when I went out to check up on the room. So I had a one on one time with the woman who showed up.

Though this next comment has NOTHING to do with Barrow; the Lakers just blew a twenty plus lead to lose the fourth game of the championships. Of course growing up in LA, if one followed basketball, the Lakers were the team to cheer on and the Celtics were the team to always beat. Anyway, I stopped watching or caring about National basketball soon after I graduated from College, but still look on to the Lakers every now and then. Now back to real life, Angels baseball as the Atlanta Braves come to town, (Anaheim) tomorrow night. :-)

Peace and blessings to all.

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