Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fatigue covers me like a blanket

Grace and greetings.

I have been meaning to write for the last couple of days, but I have just been too tired. It seems as though I have over extended myself in these past few weeks and it caught up with me.

A few months ago I had to go to the hospital for a medication change. Here in Barrow, we do not have doctors in private practice, most are on a rotating basis out of the hospital. During the week day afternoons, they have open hours for the "Clinic"; of course the clinic being different from the emergency room is probably cost; but since this is basically a Native Hospital, the Native Corporation pays for it all anyway. After you go to the clinic, you can be given an appointment with a particular doctor during the week day mornings. Of course, this is all happening in and out of the emergency room, so you may have to wait several hours, even for an appointment. There are people in town who do not trust the hospital here, for they really cannot do too much other than look you over and decide if you need to be sent to Anchorage via Medi Vac. Some think that if there is anything really wrong with you, just head for Anchorage anyway, taking the Alaska Airline flights will save you several thousands of dollars over the Medi Vac.

I started that last paragraph to say that I had gained weight and was now over two hundred pounds. The last time that happened was when I was working out via Tae Kwon Do. But this time, I noticed that my pants were not fitting quite right anymore. Pretty soon, I had gained over four inches around my waist, so it was time to do something about it.

I have been "skiing" on my Nordic Trac for the last several weeks, three to five days a week, twenty to thirty five minutes at a time. My last time skiing was for forty minutes, last Friday. Some days I just try and keep moving, other days I try to ski a little harder. I remember the philosophy of my college cross country/track coach, easy day, hard day, easy day. Of course some of my "easy days" would be no skiing at all. Saturday was the "Healthy Communities" walk, and I figured I could walk a couple of miles without too much trouble... or so I thought.

Since then, my entire body just seemed to tired to do anything. Fatigue throughout my whole body had caught up to me. Though I thought I was getting enough sleep, something was not right. So I have been trying to rest more these last couple of days; but still feel tired. This morning I woke up with a very sore throat and slight fever, so I thought I would call it a day, and stay home, knowing that I will be working throughout the rest of the week at church with a Youth Rally on Friday the 13th, a wedding on Saturday, and then a congregational meeting on Sunday, along with the normal Sunday activities.

I am staying quite this morning and hopefully I will be back on track later today or tomorrow. If I am still feeling bad later this afternoon, I will go to the clinic, not that they can do that much anyway. They will tell me that I have a sore throat, give me some antibiotics and sent me on my way.

Getting back to the exercising, I have lost some inches, not sure about weight, but still have a couple more inches to go....

Just writing out loud.

Peace and blessings to all.

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