Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Sun Returns

Grace and greetings.

The sun has returned to Barrow, if only for a little bit at a time; but it will be gaining about 9 minutes a day until the Summer Solstice. Due to the heavy cloud cover, we could only see the sun outline through the clouds, but we know it is there. It is not like we have had no light what so ever, there has always been a twilight during the middle of the day, again depending on the cloud cover, which this past winter seems to be quite a lot.

The weather has been strange the last several days. Through December until recently, we averaged about -25 plus wind chill. Then on Saturday, the winds shifted from the usual North East to the South, and the temperature jumped to 10 above. Then as everybody was watching the football games in the frozen Northeast and Green Bay, the air temperature hit a high of 30 degrees above zero Fahrenheit. Yesterday, the winds shifted again, this time out of the North WEST, and the temps have started to drop again, we are heading towards 25 below. But with with wind shift, comes blinding snow as the wind picks up to 44 mph and gust to 60 mph. It is starting to slow down a little bit this afternoon, so we will see how things are going tomorrow. But it was windy enough to close down the schools for the day.

Earlier this week I hurt my lower back again, so I am just waiting for the last few minutes before I head off to the chiropractor. We have one in Barrow, if you do not like him, oh well. Fortunately, I get along with him and am glad for the adjustments. Well, my back and the clock are telling me it is time to go.

Peace and blessings to all.

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Stzoned said...

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