Monday, January 21, 2008

Come and See

Grace and greetings

John 1.29-42

Jesus tells Andrew to “Come and See” (where I live). Andrew follows Jesus and thus starts the gathering of Jesus’ disciples. The statement is innocent enough, “Come and See”. As a child we were excited to show our parents our latest drawings or pictures. As we grew older, it was other “toys”, like a new car, or a new house, and new friend, “Come and See”. Actually if you think about it, that is the only way others can experience our joy and excitement, is if the people actually come and see.

What better way can we experience how somebody is doing other than physically showing up and seeing. This past summer, I had the opportunity to go to Wainwright with others concerning the Ahmaogak Memorial Parrish. We came away with a better understanding of what going on there and the ministry happening. People invite us to come and see what is happening in their house, town, country, world and we are able to come away with a better understanding of where and who they are.

Too often we expect things to be different; we judge them by standards of how things “used to be.” We remember how things used to be in the church, when it was full of people, but now it seems that there are fewer and fewer people involved. Some people believe the Spirit has died in our church, but I disagree.

No, we are not the church we were thirty years ago, but who is? We are no longer the “only” church in town, life has changed, culture has changed, and we have changed. We are no longer the same body of Christ we were thirty years ago. But that does not mean the Spirit of God is not alive here in our midst.

John the Baptist spoke of the “coming of the one who will forgive sins.” He pointed out Jesus and said “He is the one I spoke about.” But later in his life, after John the Baptist was in prison, he sent his disciples to Jesus to ask if Jesus was actually the One, or were they to look for another? Jesus replied that the hungry are being feed, the naked are being clothed, and the Good News is being preached. Things may not be what we want or expect, but God is alive in our lives.

Come and See how God is working here at Utqiagvik Presbyterian Church. The Deacon’s are feeding the hungry with hot meals every Saturday and giving out clothes; the Sunday School is active and alive; there are bible studies; Officer Training; prayers being lifted up and offered. God is indeed alive here at the church. The Spirit of God is all around you, filling you and flowing through each and every one of you. Yes, it may be different than thirty years ago, but Come and See how God is Alive Today.

Peace and blessings to all

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