Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Sun Returns

Grace and greetings.

The sun has returned indeed. Each day we gain something like 9 minutes of sun light. Of course with the sun, came the Arctic cold and wind. As I have commented before, it is not necessarily the cold in the Arctic, but the wind. A gentle breeze of 15 miles an hour can drop a cold 25 below to a very dangerous 50 below, just as it is this afternoon.

I have been waiting to write after I went out to get a picture of the sun, of course the last several days, I saw spectacular suns through the afternoon low clouds, only to be standing there without the camera. So this afternoon, I drove around for a little bit with the camera to get some pictures.

Tomorrow, of course, is the Super Bowl, the Pittsburgh Steelers verses the Arizona Cardinals. Though the game is in Tampa, Florida, which gives the Cardinals a chance, it is the defense of the Steelers that will probably carry the day. Even so, I will be pulling for the Cardinals, whether I am able to watch the game or not.

Hope you are all safe and warm. Enjoy the game if you care.

Peace and blessings.

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