Friday, January 2, 2009

Another year has passed

Grace and greetings.

Here it is 2009 already. New Year's eve I spend over at the church. We had a Wednesday Night Service, and then a Watch Night service at 11:00 PM. The Watch Night service is a time to admit our wrongs over the past year and then renew our covenant with God for the coming New Year.

The picture is taken out the window of our dinning room, across the lagoon looking towards the Post Office. At midnight on New Year's Day the community enjoys a firework display, shot off from the middle of the lagoon. Of course, this gives us a perfect place to watch the fireworks safely from the comfort of our warm home.

With Sam in Anchorage for the week, things are fairly quiet in the house, as Kim and I slept most of yesterday, getting up in time for the Rose Bowl. Having grown up in Southern California, it is a tradition that I have a hard time giving up. Of course anytime that USC marches on to victory is always helpful. Now we only need to get Wisconsin back in the Rose Bowl so I can root for a Big Ten school.

I pray all had a safe and wonderful New Year's Day.

Peace and blessings.

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