Monday, August 27, 2007

School is in session

Grace and greetings.

The season of change is upon us. The sun has started setting, though it is only for a little bit right now. Of course it will continue to get darker longer as the nights go by. The economy is looking a little brighter here, gasoline has dropped 10 cents a gallon, all the way down to $4.45 a gallon. That is still less expensive than milk, which comes out of the store at $8.99 a gallon.

Our son celebrated his seventeenth birthday last week. Then got to start school the next day.

School has been very frustrating at the moment. I made contact with the school the first week I was here, back during Easter in early April. Then again when we officially arrived the first week of May. Of course, the school was in their last week when we arrived. We were assured that meetings will be had in a timely fashion so that everybody will be ready for the start of the new school year.

With the turn over of teachers in the Bush, (outside Anchorage or Fairbanks), and an unexpected resignation, our meeting never happened. The first week of school came and our son was not registered. Of course to complicate matters, we were not sure how many credits had transferred from Seattle, since he missed out on the entire last quarter. Though this is his third year of high school, which means he should be a junior, he could still be a sophomore or even a second semester freshman because of his hospitalizations in the previous years.

Friday, we finally had a meeting with the school to get our son registered and a temporary class schedule. Even then, not all departments were in communication with each other. The special education department had not communicated with the headquarters, and the transcripts were misfiled, misplaced or could not be found just yet. But, we have things going forward now, (I hope).

Tonight I start my first class of Conversational Inupiat. We will see how that goes.

Peace and blessings to all.

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