Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Following Polly

Grace and greetings.

This is a quick follow up post to yesterday. (Wow, two days in a row...:-))

In answer to my daughter's question, what was the gain? The gain was that she died peacefully and is no longer struggling with this life.

I found out earlier today that we will be able to bury Polly's ashes between her parents in Lena, Illinois. The question is when. The thought was to have a service for her before school starts. But school starts here in Barrow in two weeks, where as in Wisconsin they still have a month or so.

There has been a HUGE response from the congregation here in trying to find ways to get Kim, Sam and myself to Wisconsin for the service. At least now, we have a few weeks to work with. Now if only I could have my daughter and family to move up here from Birmingham, Alabama, things would be perfect, (at least for me).

Peace and blessings.

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