Sunday, November 1, 2009

All Saint's Day

Grace and greetings.

This is a day of celebration and remembrance as we look to those who have passed on before us. In my 2 and half years here in Barrow, I have officiated over 90 funerals, including the one that I will be officiating tomorrow and one later this week. Both funeral were unexpected. The one tomorrow is for a full term baby that died in his mother's womb three days before being born. The other is for a man that we do not know how or why he died. I saw him at the post office on Tuesday, and he died Friday morning.
The following is my meditation for tonight's service.
For some reason, neither the cut and paste, or the copy and paste are working, so I will try later to edit this and update it.
Until then, Peace and blessings.


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