Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday Afternoon

Grace and greetings.

It is another Saturday afternoon, and I am fighting to do a tail spin into a depression. Just like the weather outside, it is overcast and cold, just another depressing day. I am sure that I will be over it soon. Blah, blah, blah...

The picture on the left was taken in basically the same spot as the one I posted on Tuesday. We have lost a lot of snow, but still more to go. Like most of Alaska, spring is usually more about melting snow and showing the dirt, mud and trash that is all around.

Kim had two teeth pulled last week, and she is still down and out. She went back to the dentist yesterday, only to find out that she had a "dry socket." Sam is sitting and watching Disney channel, working on the intellectual part of his life...yeah right. Sam has decided not to try and graduate this school year, so will return in August with two credits to go. In the meantime, he has shocked everybody by deciding to go out for football. He has survived his first three days of conditioning; without understanding anything about the game, they (the coaches) have put him on the defensive line. At 250 pounds, he still has some weight behind him for the others to push around. I am sure once he gets into a physical routine, he will drop 20 or so pounds. We will see how this plays out.

Kim and I leave for Fairbanks tomorrow night so we can meet with Social Security Disability. We have been waiting five years for this hearing, and now the company hired by the Board of Pensions said Kim does not fit their definition of "physical disability;" so the dropped her last month. So we go to the hearing representing ourselves. Of course SSI Disability is TOTAL DISABILITY; meaning can the person sweep the floor? Can the person flip hamburgers at McDonald's? Our reply for the last one is that we do not have McDonald's up here in Barrow. Yeah, that will fly like a lead balloon too. Anyway, that is were we are at the moment.

Peace and blessings.

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