Thursday, December 20, 2007

Winter has arrived...

Grace and greetings.

Yes, it is December, and Christmas is next week, though I am still having a hard time believing it. The church is busy trying to get the Christmas Pageant ready, which open to the whole congregation to participate rather than just the Sunday School. This year it started out late because of several different situations happening at the same time, so there is a rush to get it done by Monday night.

Then there is the Christmas Feast, which is just like the Thanksgiving Feast, only for Christmas . There is the setting up of the materials, covering the floor again, and getting the people lined up.

As if that is not enough to do, we will be having a funeral this weekend to confuse the other activities as well.

The temperature has dropped as well. This week it has been averaging around -22 degrees. Fortunately, there has been only a light breeze to go with the cold, when the wind picks up, of course the wind chill will drop far below the present heat wave.

Hope all is well, and your Christmas is fantastic if I do not make anymore entries between now and then.

Peace and blessings.

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