Friday, June 22, 2007

Cloudy Friday

Since the last time I finished writing to now, it has been overcast for the Summer Solstice. So much for the longest day, not that it is much of an issue here above the Arctic Circle.

Yesterday, as I was walking to get our mail at the post office, I realized what writers must go through in order to write everyday. Here I am just trying to post a blog every so often, but yet if I really wanted to write, I would have to write everyday. Hopefully with the words meaning something as well, not just words after words. A new respect for the dedication others bring to their respective crafts.

This afternoon, I presided over my first wedding here in Barrow. The bride and groom did not really have any idea what they wanted for their wedding, so I was going to be relaxed in the preparation for it. The couple had been living together for 12 years now and already had three children. So their pre-marital counseling was fairly short. How much more could I help them? They came last night to the rehearsal not sure what they were doing. I gave them some of my own thoughts on the matter and left it to them. That is when their families came together. It is the family that keeps this community going. If left up to the couple, the service probably would have been very plain. Instead it was filled with music, (from a previously recorded CD), and the sanctuary was decorated with beautiful streamers and white bells, paper flowers and lights. The reception room was filled with decorations as well. I think that the bride and groom will remember more of the wedding because of family. Isn't that the way it is suppose to be anyway?

Speaking of family, Friday's are Family Night. I am going to go check on the reception one more time, and head home, to spend more quality time with my own family. As these days get shorter, bringing about the ever continuing circle and cycle of life, let us not forget to take any and all opportunities to let our families know how much they mean to us, and specifically to me.

Peace and blessings.

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